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November 23, 2009 at 11:36 am | Posted in Thailand | 1 Comment

It is approaching that time period where I must make a decision whether or not to teach in Thailand in the coming summer.  First things first, I need to identify whether I am allowed to do this under my contract at my new university, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  Assuming that is fine, I likely have 2-3 weeks to make-up my mind.  I have been 50-50 about a decision for some time now.  My main reason for against going for the third straight summer is the need to ‘take a break’ and focus on research.  My first visit to Thailand to teach in 2008 came right after the last day of school in the spring semester at Jacksonville State University and a ended only a day before the fall semester began.  My visit this past summer (2009) again came right after the last day of school in the spring semester and ended only a day before the summer session I taught.  I am getting to be a pro at getting over jet-lag in short order.  Perhaps it is time to take some time off.  If I do travel, it will likely be for only 1 month or so.  Looking ahead, since the spring semester ends on May 19 at UW-Whitewater and fall classes start on September 2, that would place either the month of June or July as the prime candidate for teaching in Thailand in 2010.  I will update how things progress in the coming weeks.


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  1. I was one of the student there at JSU (year 1992) with the computer science major. I am now in my hometown, BKK. Thailand. I just read your blog today and find out that you were here last year. And also I was in ABAC for one semester before I left to US. However, it just nice to know that one of our professors from JSU attended and teached at ABAC. It is so unfortunately that we do not have change to meet so maybe I could have chance to show you how nice my country is. It’s just nice to know someone from Alabama, and especially from the same school. I was in AL for over ten years, that’s all.
    Pls contact me if you have change to visit Thailand again.
    Thank you for reading my memo.

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